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6 Day Romania Adventure

6 Days

8 People Max

Trip start: Cluj Napoca

Trip end: Cluj Napoca

Looking for a great, outdoorsy way to see Romania? Our signature trip, the 6-Day Romania Adventure, is the perfect tour for you. 

Hungaro Explorer takes you on an unforgettable journey through Romania's countryside. Our local guides lead you on a hiking, climbing, or biking excursion while you explore the local culture, visit small towns, try local food and drinks, and calm yourself in a quiet environment far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Join us June 23rd-28th  2025

Regular Price $2197

Early Bird Price $1897

(pay a $397 deposit to lock your deal, promotional price available until November 31, 2024)

Trip Highlights


Rafting on the Aries River

via ferrata.jpg

Via Ferrata in Turda Gorge

seclers stone.jpg

Hiking Secler's Stone

salt mine.jpg

Visiting Turda Salt Mine


E-Biking the countryside

rio ferrata.jpg

"Rio Ferrata" to hidden village

Trip Details

What's Included

  • Trained outdoor guide(s) with years of personal wilderness and hiking experience, and a passion for leading people into breathtaking landscapes. 

  • All transportation from Day 1 to Day 6

  • Lodging for the duration of the trip Day 1 through Day 6 + the last night hotel in Cluj Napoca. (The availability of rooms in Torocko is limited, so the lodge's occupancy is 2 persons/room. It is possible to request one room/person for an extra cost, but that will depend on availability.)

  • Breakfast is included every day starting Day 2

  • Entrance fees to Turda Salt Mine and Turda Gorge

  • All rental items including electric bikes, via ferrata and rafting gear

  • Emergency equipment including a company-issued first-aid kit

  • A discount of 10% off any Hungaro Explorer hiking trip after your first one (you must book directly with us to receive the discount)!

What's NOT Included

What to bring?

  • International and domestic flights

  • Trip insurance that includes medical coverage

  • Meals and beverages not listed

  • Telephone bills, Wi-Fi bills, and other personal expenses like shopping or laundry

  • All expenses due to unavoidable events like flight cancellation, illness, etc. (we recommend trip insurance coverage for these events)

  • Water bottles, headlamps, or flashlights

  • Gratuity for guides is optional but always appreciated;

  • Backpack 20-25L 

  • Hiking shoes or boots with good grip

  • Slippers or sandals for around the house and town

  • Rain Jacket

  • Hiking pants and hiking shorts

  • Long sleeve and thin jacket (the salt mine can be cold)

  • Swimming suit 

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Don't forget your camera!

6 - Day Itinerary
June 23rd-28th | 2024

Day 1 - Arriving at Torocko Village & Secler's Stone Hike

hungaro explorer customer on top of the mountain in romania


We will depart from Cluj in the morning, heading to Torocko (Rimetea) to the last Secler's settlement in the area. After a one-hour car trip, we are gonna settle at our ‘base camp’, and have some food before our first hike.



We start our hike in the village on a trail that leads up to the famous peak called Secler's Stone, where the sun rises twice. Yes, you read it well, the sun rises twice: it appears on the horizon already in the early morning, followed by a period of time where it hides behind the Secler’s Stone, and only rises again in the late morning so high that it illuminates entirely the village. We will have an exciting hike straight up the mountain, then loop around to visit the Student's Cave and return to the village.


Trip distance: 10.5km (6.5 miles) about 5h - 6h.

Day 2 - River rafting and E-biking to Trascau Fortress

Hungaro explorer customer kayaking
Hungaro explorer biking tour in Romania


Are you ready for your first water adventure?

Experience the thrill of river rafting with our local guides on the Aries River. This beautiful area offers some exciting and fun rapids for a great experience. Just a short 20 minutes drive from the village and we will be on our way to paddle down the Aries River.

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner in thew water, our guide will make sure you'll have fun!


The village and the surroundings of Torockó deserve a bigger exploration. But we will do this in a more fun way, by riding e-bikes. The history of the village dates back a long time: already in Roman times, active guard duty was performed on the mountain towering over the village, based on artifacts found on the ridge. Later, Slavs settled down in the valley, from whom the name Torockó originated: Toroszko comes from the word Troszk (ironstone). The word itself testifies to the ancient craft of the Torockó villagers. The village that once boasted of its city title, was known for being Transylvania’s metallurgy and metal processing center; iron was mined for a long time until all natural resources were exhausted. The mountain that towers over the village, Székelykő, was named after the Szekler villagers of Kézd, who saved the village during the Mongol invasion, and in return received the standing hilltop castle and its surroundings. In 1999, Torockó won one of the most important European architecture prizes, the Europa Nostra Award, in recognition of the village’s cultural heritage protection

Trip distance: 13 km (8 miles) about 3h - 4h.

Day 3 - Via Ferrata Sunset Edition

typical hungarioan food goulash
Hungaro explorer customer at sunset on a via ferret


Our cooking gulyas soup experience is a must-do for any hiker on our tours! Enjoy a traditional Hungarian soup prepared with authentic ingredients by a local chef, for a truly local experience that you won't want to miss.




Late Afternoon:

We are heading to Turda Gorge (Cheile Turzii), a natural reserve on the Hășdate River. The canyon, formed through the erosion of the Jurassic limestone of the mountain, is 2 900 m long and the walls have heights reaching 300 m.

This via ferrata route is medium difficulty, but in exchange, it has the most spectacular views. You can see the Cheile Turzii gorge from above, and traverse Hili’s cave also. At the end of our ascent, we will arrive at the big cross on the hill, called the Cross of Sandu, where we will stay a bit longer, to admire the landscape.

Length of via ferrata route: 350m

Vertical climb: 200m

Difficulty: C -  medium. 

(Grades are from A (very easy) to E (extreme).)

*Requirements minimum age 11, weight 80lbs (36kg)

Trip distance: 5.5km (3.2 miles) about 4h - 5h.

Day 4 - Turda Salt Mine

Salina turda salt mine


Get ready to discover one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Romania: The ancient salt mines of Turda. Salina Turda is the world’s deepest underground entertainment park and museum!

Salt has been extracted from the hills of Turda for more than two millennia. The chambers, tunnels, and galleries form a palace of salt hundreds of meters into the guts of the earth. After being refurbished, in 2008, the mines of Turda became a main tourist attraction, and a must-see for anyone passing through these parts.


The mines are up to 120m deep with a constant temperature of around 10°C-12°C  (52°F to 53.5°F) all year round.



This will be a chill afternoon to recover from the previous day's activities. You can explore the town, do some shopping or just enjoy your free time. We can even try the local style barrel  hot tub to relax our muscles!

Day 5 - Ramet Gorge Traverse to Cheia (hidden village)

Hikers in a gorge in Romania

Cheia is an old and very well-hidden village in the Apuseni mountains, next to the Ramet Gorge. Today, in the village there are just 3 houses that are populated, the rest are just abandoned and slowly taken back by nature. 

Gabriel and his family decided a couple of years ago to move from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, to Cheia. He restored two old houses in a traditional way, they remained authentic and had no electricity, the road to their home is a small path through the forest, crossing springs, so the only available way to get there is by foot or by horse.

 On our trip, we will traverse the Ramet Gorge and visit Gabriels’ camping to drink a cold lemonade or beer and listen to some interesting stories from Gabriel. 

Trip distance: 6km (3.8 miles) about  6h.

Day 6 - Morning Waterfall Hike & Returning to Cluj 

Waterfall hike with hungaro explorerr in Romania

On our last day, we will do a morning waterfall hike which is the perfect way to finish our journey in Romania. This easy 2-mile hike will take us to a stunning waterfall called Vanatarile Ponorului, where you can take in the natural beauty and fresh air.

After the hike, we will return to Torocko where you can spend the rest of your day walking through town and do your last-minute shopping before heading back to Cluj Napoca.

Trip distance: 3 km (1.8 miles) about  1h-2h.

Our Clients Say

Hungaro Explorer customer on a via ferrata

"Words cannot express what an amazing experience the 7-day trip to Romania with Hungaro Explorer was!

 As a very active solo traveler who LOVES the mountains (but not the planning) this was a perfect trip. I love to explore and all the excursions were selected for us and exceeded my expectations. Hiking, biking, exploring canyons and waterfalls and my first via ferrata- this trip was jam-packed with adventure and gorgeous views. The activities were the perfect mix of challenge, adventure, and variety.

I also enjoyed trying local food, drinks and drinking fresh mineral water right from the spring."

Melissa M. | Toronto, Canada)

Our Team.

At Hungaro Explorer, our experienced local guides will help make your hiking tour a truly unforgettable experience!

They speak the local language, know the area well, and are here to share their knowledge and expertise with you.


Nandor Szotak

Hiking Guide | Adventure Photographer


Mitzi Horvath

Certified outdoor trainer by Outward Bound


Gergo Szotak

Biking/Rafting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to enter Romania if I travel from the United States or Canada?​

No, as of now you don't need a visa to enter Romania if you are traveling from the US or Canada. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months.

Do I need RON the local currency in Romania or can I just use my credit cards?

In most of places you can pay by credit card, however, we will be staying in a small town, and in some places they only accept cash.

What is the weather like in June?

June is the beginning of summer in Romania, but mornings and evenings still cool down in the town where we will stay. Rain can occur any time of the day too.

How difficult are the activities? How should I train?

Most of the activities are not strenuous, if you are in good physical shape, you shouldn't have any problems. The Via Ferrata requires a bit more upper body strength and we don't recommend doing it if you have a fear of heights.

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