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I am Nandor Szotak. 

 I’m an avid hiker, trail runner, photographer and the founder of the Hungaro Explorer hiking tour company.  I am committed to sharing my passion for the outdoors..

I’ve loved the outdoors since I was a kid. Every year my family camped in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.  I remember how excited my father was to take pictures of the mountains with his old Russian camera. The natural beauty of the world is something you have to experience and feel directly. Nevertheless, I have found that with the help of my camera I can help enhance, capture and prolong those feelings with the people who join our trips. 

I became a four-season highly skilled hiker in the rough terrain of the White Mountains in New England.  For winter hiking in New England, planning and hiking skills are necessary for safety and survival. Since moving to less harsh conditions of Hawaii in 2015, my passion and connections with the mountains and outdoors keeps deepening.

Join me to be transported to paradise and to bring home unforgettable memories.

My Hiking Resume:

Climbed over 200 mountain peaks worldwide including:

140+ peaks in Hawaii's mountain ranges

Mauna Kea (13796') Highest peak in Hawaii

Holding the FKT on the WST Traverse (O'ahu, Hawaii)
Mt. Whitney (14508' Highest Peak In The Lower 48), CA

Mt. Washington (winter ascent), Highest peak in NH

The Carpathian Mountains, Romania

The Presidential Traverse, NH

Sections of the AT (Appalachian Trail)

JMT (John Muir Trail) and PCT (Pacific Coast Trail)

Yosemite National Park, CA

All of Utah's National Parks, UT

the Grand Canyon, AZ


2006 Bachelor’s degree in  Physical Education and Sports,  Universitatea „Babeș-Bolyai” din Cluj-Napoca 

 (yeah, sharing great experiences has been a passion for a long time!)