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Top of the Island Tour

This challenging climb to the summit features narrow ridges, and sheer cliffs. This advanced hike takes you through  beautiful Moanalua Valley, up the ridge where are unbelievable views and a rich variety of native trees and shrubs. If you take this hike be ready for muddy, slippery terrain. There are couple rope sections up the ridge that can be intimidating, but they are not hard. At the top you can take a look at the famous Stairway to Heaven a.k.a Haiku Stairs  (climbing the actual stairs is illegal).



Difficulty:  Advanced

Elevation Gain: ~3000 ft (910 m)

Distance: ~10 miles (16 Km)

Time: ~8 hours

Terrain: Ungraded ridge/expect mud/rope sections

What to Bring? :

  • Hiking boots or trail runners

  • Shorts or long pants

  • Rain jacket 

  • Gloves (we provide)

  • Sunscreen 

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Hat (optional)

  • 2-2.5 liters of water

  • Food or snacks


           Price: Minimum two person/tour





          Ask us for transportation options​



  • Private Guided Tour

  • Gloves

  • Adventure Photos (optional)


      Let's Start The Adventure!!!

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